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I'm married to Natalie. We're both in our mid 20s. Nat has always had a larger sex drive than me. At first it caused a strain on our relationship. She was used to having several boyfriends at a time, but she stopped that when we got engaged.


Nat is a redhead, medium build with small but perky tits, and shapely legs. She recently finished her masters, graduating with honors.


I know my wife outclasses me, in both looks and smarts. That's why I gave in when Nat admitted she had sex urges I couldn't meet.


A week before we got married she sat down and told me it would only work if she were allowed to go out with other men. She'd be careful, and wouldn't let her relationships jeopardize our marriage.


I knew she was active before we got engaged, so none of this came as a surprise. She enjoys fucking, and loves men. To tell the truth, I liked the idea. When Nat and I first went out she was seeing two other guys. On more than one occasion I'd have sex with her shortly after she was with a boyfriend. I loved the feel of her stretched-out pussy, the slap marks on her ass, and the musky smell between her thighs.


I specially loved the crust of cum on her pants, shirt, or jacket when she sucked off her date.


With my blessing she started lining up some get-togethers with fuck buddies. Within a week, she had her first, with a guy named Greg. He was an ex, but they were still on friendly terms. I never met him, but Natalie told me he was great in bed, and glad he was able to fuck her again.


Every time my wife wife went out I'd wait at home, eagerly counting the hours and minutes for her return. The second she came through the door I was all over her. She'd be missing some clothing - a bra here, panties there, just to tease me. Though she was a tired I'd mount her so I could have that stretched out and slippery cunt sloppy seconds feeling.


This went on for several months, and by then Nat had a stable of four regular boyfriends. Out of health concerns, she always requires them to wear condoms. This meant that she never comes home with a creampie.


I was yearning to see what another man's semen tasted like. When I told Nat that I'd like to clean her out after a date, she said "No, babe, when a boyfriend fucks me, he's gotta wear a rubber." The only time she allows her boyfriends to cum without a condom is when she's sucking them off.


One night she came home late after a particularly long date. Before I could jump her, she pulled out a used condom from her purse. It was tied at the top to keep the cum from leaking out. I felt the bulb of the condom, and the sperm inside was still warm.


I was really curious! What would it be like? Would I enjoy it? I slowly untied the knot, then smelled the liquid. I dipped a finger in, and licked the end. It was extremely bitter. When I made a funny face Nat laughed and said, "Now you know what we girls put up with!"


Because the condom had a spermicide the taste was particularly rotten. The next time out, Natalie used a regular rubber (she's on the Pill anyway). It tasted much better. The liquid inside was no longer thick because it was an hour old by the time I got it. To get the sensation of freshly ejaculated semen, I dipped the rubber into a cup of hot water for a minute.


I was ready to play. Nat got completely undressed, and laid down on the bed. I opened the condom, and spread some of the nasty cum juice over her feet. I got real close, smelling the spunk from another man who had just finished having his hard cock inside my lovely wife.


I licked around the edges of the puddle, getting braver and braver. Soon I had it all cleaned up, and I was pouring out more. All the while I was jerking myself off, and before I knew it, I let go of my own load. It sprayed onto the side of the bed.


Since then, my wife brings home the used condoms from most of her boyfriends. She loves being able to just relax (instead of fucking again) and feel my tongue tickling all over her body. She prefers when I spread her lover's sperm over her legs, feet, and toes, and then lick it back up.


Someday I hope we'll find a bull that Nat can fuck without a condom. I can't wait to taste another man's hot and creamy load directly out of her well-used and worn out cunt!