At 19, she's already an expert cuckoldress

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At her urgiung, Stephen removed his shorts, showing off one of the most magnificent cocks I've ever seen in my life. Stephen's beautiful penis complemented his tanned and toned body. Not to mention he had the smallest, cutest ass I've ever seen on a fella. His pubes were completely shaved - even his balls were silky smooth.



It wasn't hard to understand why my daughter enjoyed his company, and Stephen weren't her property, I'd be all over him in a second!


Nikki grabbed her bull's hard dick, and raised her legs high up, and staight out. She spread them in a wide V, and plainly announced to Matt, "Now lick my ass."


Matt moved onto the futon, holding his pathetic little penis. When Nikki saw this she scolded him, "You're NOT allowed to touch yourself! Who gave you permission to do that?!" Chastised, Matt muttered, "Sorry Mistress Nicole." She trained him well, and he knew exactly what to say. He promptly let go of his weiner. It bobbed pitifully in the air as he moved between my daughter's legs.


Each time Matt tried to get his tongue over Nikki's clitoris or inside her vagina, she'd slap him with her free hand. "NO!," she explained. "You can't lick my cunt unless I tell you."


Nikki's long legs wrapped around Matt's back, and she lifted her butt off the mattress, further tormenting him with the scented aroma of her very ready and moist pussy. In obvious agony, Matt was unable to lick or touch it - and certainly not fuck it.


After several minutes, Stephen pushed Matt away with his foot, and positioned his muscular frame over my daughter's supine body.


Her legs splayed out, and she took his cock in one quick thrust.


Matt got up and stood beside the futon, trying to touch his little boner whenever he thought Nikki wasn't looking. With his free hand he took pictures. I recognized it was Nikki's camera - the pictures were for her, and the picture taking was part of the cuckolding. Since that day, on a few occasions my daughter has shared some of the snaps with me. She's quite proud of herself as a cuckoldress, as well she should be.


Of course, Nikki was aware every time Matt touched his dong. She'd allow him to get in a few good strokes before abruptly stopping him, again reprimanding him for disobeying.


She and Stephen screwed for several minutes, ocassionally switching positions, giving Matt a real good X-rated show. I could tell Stephen was about to bust his nut, and apparently Nikki sensed it, too. She leaned over to her bedside drawer, where she pulled out a flesh-colored masturbator sleeve.


Nikki tossed the rubbery sleeve to Matt, telling him, "You can cum now but I don't want ANY of it on my carpet. Beat off into your little rubber cunt while you watch him cum inside me." Matt eagerly took the sleeve, and slipped it over his penis. He jacked it back and forth furiously, and I'm quite sure ejaculated immediately.



Stephen got his stride, and I could tell he was cumming when his balls drew up tight against his ass, and his hips made short stabbing motions. I wasn't in the right position to see any semen trickling back out of my daughter's vagina, but I'm sure he put quite a load in there.


I backed away from the door, and tip-toed to my bedroom. I sat on the bed for 15 minutes before the strength returned to my legs. My clit was on fire, and the juices were running down my leg, but I was determined to save it for when my husband Vince came home that evening. I didn't tell him what I saw, but he was very happy for the special fucking!


A week later I had my favorite bull over, and decided to reenact Nikki's escapade. I bought a masturbator sleeve, and demanded my husband stroke his penis while watching my bull ravage me. It was a good 30 minute fucking, and Vince came several times..


My husband is a cum eater, and at the end he not only snacked on the bull's semen as it spilled out , but also his own, direct from the rubber pussy he used. In all, it was a great little scene that Nikki had worked up for herself and her friends, and it was fun for us, too..


So now, I guess it's "like daughter, like mother!


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