Daughter takes after her hotwife mother

Mom explains why a family friend is seen coming out of the master bedroom - and it gives the daughter ideas!

My husband and I have always been careful to insulate our children from our cuckold lifestyle. We'd refer to my bulls as friends of the family, and give them names like "Uncle Mark" or "Uncle John." We'd pretend they stayed in the guest room.


That worked for years, and our two oldest children grew up, moved out to college, and never seeming to notice. But our youngest daughter, Nicole (Nikki), was far more curious.


I never volunteered what was going on. But I decided if she ever asked, I'd be honest with her, and without getting into too much detail, explain the sex games her father and I played.


Well, that time came. When she was 17, one morning Nikki saw one of her "uncles" come out of the master bedroom, with me wearing only a nightgown, and my husband Vince coming out of the guest room! Oops.


She and I have always had a good relationship, and I've tried to be straight with her about the subject of sex, including helping her get on birth control when she started having intercourse. She lost her virginity at 16, same age I did, and I'm proud that unlike some of her friends, she didn't become a teenage mom.


At first, Nikki was bowled over by the whole concept of cuckolding. But I could see her mind working as she thought about the idea of femdom. It just seemed natural to her.


Nikki started asking me questions, like how best to cuckold younger guys, and ways to keep them from have an orgasm. I stayed way from revealing private matters between her father and myself, but I answered everything she asked. I discovered bookmarks on our family computer as she looked for material about cuckolding and female domination.


Nikki is now 19, and is a beautiful and shapely blonde. She lives with us as she attends the local community college. She's a straight-A student and has a part-time job at the local mall.


She's proud to tell me that she's now "Mistress Nicole" to her three current boyfriends, all of whom she cuckolds. Taking my advice, she has two bulls she can count on, though only one is regularly available. The other is in the military, and away for several months at a time..


Like Nikki, her boyfriends also live with their parents. And since they can't afford motel rooms for their get-together's, they usually end up at our house for sex. Since Nikki works evenings, she prefers to "date" during the afternoon. Her dad and I work daysin the city, and she has run of the house. It works out for everyone.


Well, at least that was the plan. On one occasion I had to return home for some paperwork that I forget that morning. As I entered the house I didn't think my daughter would be there, and since it wasn't one of the usual days of the week for her dating, I didn't expect her to have guests over.


As I went down the hall to my bedroom, I passed hers. The door was slightly open. There, inside, was my daughter, and one of her cuckolded boyfriends, named Matt. She first met Matt in high school, where he was a hotshot captain of the track and field team.


To make an even three, there was also Stephen, her regular bull. I liked Stephen, but I never much liked Matt. When he first started coming over, he was full of bravado and attitude. Like the world owed him something. I have to say he was nothing like that now!


Nikki was almost fully nude. Her long and lean legs were draped off the side of her futon bed.


Beside her was bull Stephen, stripped down to just his jockey shorts. He was fingering my daughter's slit, alternating between putting several fingers inside, and then pulling them out and rubbing her tender clit. The little bit of hair she keeps on her mound were glistening with vaginal lubrication.


Matt was kneeling on the floor, licking her feet and ankles. He was completely nude, and had one hand on his very hard, but not very large, penis. Beside him was a camera, but he wasn't taking any pictures.


I stepped back from the doorway, not wanting to be caught, but also feeling awkward. I felt like I was spying on her. At the same time, I couldn't take my eyes off what I was seeing. Nikki was instructing Matt on how to properly kiss her feet, while at the same time spreading her legs fully for Stephen. She was in full and complete control.


While Nikki pulled up her top to expose her breasts, the tip of her bull's cock peeked over the top of his shorts . Unlike me, Nikki is fairly flat, but she has perfectly-formed pink nipples that are always poking through the thin tops she likes to wear..


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