The cum gushes out over cuck husband's face

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When Ken finally dismounted I could see a small puddle of his sperm forming at the bottom of her cunt hole. She looked directly at me and said, "There! That's how a REAL man does it!"


She smiled, giggled, then got to her knees. Seconds later, a flood or white liquid literally poured out of her vagina. It puddled around her legs and onto the sheets. She bore down several times to get more of it out. Each time a big glop spewed from her just-fucked slit.


While Ken was washing up Angelique told me her secret: The two had met that morning over breakfast. She was mortified over what happened with Dean. She wanted to see what Ken was like before I got involved. The chemistry was there, so they had a "friendly fuck" that morning. It was then she discovered Ken was true to his word, that he could last a long time and was a heavy cummer.


With a glint in her eye, Angelique then told me to get closer, to see what another man's sperm looked like. I did what she said.


She told me to smell what another man's jizz smelled like, and I did that too. It smelled sweeter than mine, almost like pineapple, and not at all unpleasant.


She told me to touch it. The wad that had spilled out was already cold, so she said to put a finger up her snatch. I did, feeling the warm creaminess still inside her. I had never before felt a woman's pussy right after another man had been there. It was strangely erotic.


She then told me to get on my knees, and when I did she pulled my head toward her pussy - the pussy that just minutes before was filled to the brim with her boytoy's hard, pulsating cock.


I resisted at first, but she wouldn't let me go. The hair around her wide open cunt was matted down with Ken's cum. I put my nose in it, but kept my mouth shut. As she rubbed my face into her pubes I pressed my lips against her opening, just to give Ken's cum a tentative taste. It wasn't bad.


Within a minute, I had my entire tongue shoved deep inside Angelique's hot pussy. Ken's sperm was an unusual mixture of both sweet and sour. I was trying to clean up my wife best I could when Ken came out of the bathroom, then sat down next to her. Ken and Angelique started kissing again, and both of them held my head firmly against her crotch.


Later that night Ken fucked my wife one more time. He didn't cum quite as much, but it was still more than ever I do, even after saving it up for days. Immediately after he pulled out Angelique demanded that I come over and lay down beneath her. She squatted over my face, and with a grunt pushed out a huge glob of Ken's fresh jism into my open mouth. It was hot, sweet, and creamy.


For the next ten minutes Ken and Angelique joked while I kept busy cleaning out my wife's cum dump cunt. During this I tried to touch myself, but Angelique slapped my hand away, saying "NO!" in a strong, stern voice. I learned that I'm allowed to jerk off only when Ken is gone, or has fallen asleep. On the nights my wife is with Ken I cannot have sex with her. On those occasions "my pussy belongs to Ken," she says.


Since that night, Angelique has seen Ken weekly on a regular basis. Sometimes I'm there, and I clean her out immediately afterward. Other times she meets him on a date, and comes home with a filled pussy. I prefer the fresh stuff, but a cuckold's gotta take what's given to him.


Angelique is saying she'd now like to try another bull. Maybe a black man with a huge cock. I admit I'd like to see that. A huge dick up my little wife's tiny fuck hole is sure to be a major turn on! I'd like to discover what a black guy tastes like.