So, you'd like your wife to cuckold you...

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Maybe you're new to the cuckold scene, and not sure what all the terms mean. Or perhaps you're interested in being in a cuckold relationship. but afraid it's abnormal. Learn more here!

Understanding Cuckoldry Terms

Strictly speaking, a cuckold is a "married man with an adulterous wife." The term also applies to a cheating girlfriend. For simplicity we'll refer to a husband-and-wife relationship.


Many men enjoy being cuckolded. They get their kicks out of seeing the woman they married with another man, being forced to watch their wife have sex, or hearing about her exploits when she comes home from a date.


Here are some terms you'll encounter as you learn more about the cockolding lifestyle:


  • Bull. The wife's boyfriend. He has sex with the wife while the husband watches, listens, or hears about it later.
  • Cuckold. The husband, who is often - but not always - a willing participant in the sex games. Sometimes spelled cockold. Other common variations include cuck, cucky, cuckoo, and cucky-boy.
  • Cuckoldress or cuckoldrix. The wife doing the cuckolding.
  • Cuckold cleanup. This is when a husband cleans up the semen left by his wife's bull, sometimes by licking it off her, or by wiping it away with a towel. When the wife's bull ejaculates inside her, the juice that drips out is a creampie.
  • Voyeur. A husband that likes to secretly watch his wife with other men. He may hide in a closet, look through a window, or record the action on a hidden camera.
  • Wife watching. The act of watching the wife with someone else. Hubby may be present in the same room with the wife and bull, or may be a voyeur.

Types of Cuckold Sex

There are dozens of different kinds of cuckold sex. Couples like to play in different ways. Here are just some of the more popular variations.


  • Happy cuckold. Here's a husband that's not only thrilled his wife has sex with other men, but often makes arrangements, takes pictures, and even shares videos of it! (Many of the movies you can see in our Cuckold Videos VOD theater were made just like this.) In most cases, the husband jerks himself off while watching his wife suck and fuck another guy.
  • Forced husband. Not all dudes are happy about their wives screwing around. These husbands are forced to watch their wife fuck - or at least pretend to not like it. In truth, many husbands object at first, then give in. Hubby may or may not be tied, and his penis may be cock-locked with a chastity device.
  • Hot wife, swinging wife. A hot wife (or hotwife) is a woman that goes on dates with other men while the husband watches, or stays home waiting for her return. A swinging wife is a woman that swaps partners with another couple. Though the swinging cuck hubby may get to screw another girl, his main interest is the extramarital sex his wife is having.
  • Cum eating and cream pie clean up. Just watching may not be enough. The husband - who may or may not be bisexual - enjoys licking the creampie mess out of his wife's cunt after her boyfriend is done fucking her.
  • Sloppy seconds. After the bull is done, the husband enjoys a quicky with his spouse, feeling her cum dump vagina moments after she's finished being passed around. If the bull goes bareback (no condom) husband gets to feel another man's cum inside her.
  • Sissy husband / cross dresser. Men who enjoy dressing in women's clothing while their wife is having sex with another. A common outfit is silk panties, garter, and hose.
  • Small penis humiliation. A game played by wife and bull is to laugh at the size of the husband's inadequate cock while the two are having sex. Even the cuck gets off on this.
  • Bi-sex cuck. Husband enjoys sexual contact with the bull. He may suck off the bull's dick while he and the wife are kissing. Or, the bisexual hubby may also enjoy anal sex - from his wife wearing a strapon - or from the wife's boyfriend.

Is Cuckoldry and Wife Swapping "Normal"?

Not only is it normal for a guy to want to see his wife or girlfriend in bed with another man, it's very common! Some of the most-watched porn DVDs are on the subject of cuckolding. Adult dating sites are full of men, women, and couples looking for hot wife and swinger action.


If you have a desire to watch your wife fuck, or have her go out on dates and come back to tell you about it, your best bet is to simply talk it over. Start when the two of you are in bed, and tell her it's your fantasy. Buy a large rubber dildo and have the two of you fantasize that it's another lover. Invite her to watch some cuckolding videos.


You may be surprised to learn your wife has been wanting to experiment with other men for a long time!