Free Movie Review: Cum Eating Cuckolds

the "pilot" that spawned a new genre in cuckold vids

This is the flagship DVD that helped create a new genre of Internet porn: the cum-eating cuckold husband. Now available for instant viewing on streaming video, Cum Eating Cuckolds depicts three married couples. In each, the wife is all too happy to sample some extramarital dick. It takes a while for the husband to warm up to the idea!


The video is composed of three scenes, each scene starring a different wife, husband, and hung black boyfriend. There are no condoms to yank off for the money shot, because - well, you see - no one wears condoms!


Truth be told, there's no traditional money shot, either. That's because each bull cums inside the fertile pussy of another man's wife. The series promotes all-natural goodness: no fake tits, no condoms! See, porn is good for you after all!!

Cum Eating Cuckolds

  • Running Time: 1 hour 27 minutes
  • Series: Cum Eating Cuckolds
  • Studio: Kick Ass Pictures
  • Features: Reluctant husband forced to watch wife fuck, female domination, interracial sex, big dicks in white chicks, internal creampie, cum eating, fully nude female during intercourse
  • Stars: Cristina Agave, Alexa Lynn, Lie Lani


Each of the three scenes of Cum Eating Cuckolds tells a different story about a husband forced to watch his wife suck and fuck another man. As if that weren't enough, the husband is made to lick up the creampie mess afterward.


In scene 1, hubby comes home to a cute wife wearing a mini dress and tight black top. He's unaware she's got blackmail - or should we say "black male" - on her mind. She explains that before they were married she used to mess around with black guys because they had nice big dicks. "I need some big black cock." When hubby objects she says if he doesn't go along she'll divorce him.


Husband relents and like a good cucky boy, even helps her paint her toe nails before her date arrives. After all he wants her to look pretty! When the boyfriend comes the action gets going at a fast clip. Husband stands nude in the bedroom jacking off his cock while watching his wife on the couple's bed getting impaled by a BBC.


When her black boyfriend comes inside her, hubby is instructed to suck it all back out. He's surprised it tastes good. "I'm too tired to fuck you," the wife says, but she's happy for the cleaning!


In scene 2, a sultry redhead wife boldly informs her husband "I want cock, and I'm going to get it!" At first her husband doesn't go along with the plan, but she soothes his hurt feelings, and gets her way just the same. "Don't be sad. You can watch us, and play with yourself."


And that's exactly what he does. While she takes in a MONSTROUS cock in her mouth and pussy, husband sits on a chair jerking off his little meat. By this time hubby is grooving the sights, sounds, and smells of his old lady getting her plumbing inspected by a man with a big dick.


Wife lays back on the couch, legs spread open, while her boyfriend spills his seed deep inside her vagina. As she pushes the cum out of her very stretched out pussy (we're talking gaping here!), husband is there to lick up all the juices.


In the third and final scene a husband loses a pool game, and the BBC decides to take his winnings in the form of the guy's pretty blonde wife. She's happy to oblige, but warns him not to cum in her because she's not on any kind of birth control.


Well, you know how that goes! The dude drains his long black dick, and puts half a cup of his semen inside her. Desperate to not get pregnant, she insists that her husband suck out every last bit of creme from her raw cunt. She opens her legs wide and spurt after spurt comes out.


Whew! After seeing this movie it's not hard to understand why this video spawned so many top-notch episodes in the series. And lucky for us they're still making more! The camera work is utterly fantastic - it's presented in high definition and wide screen. We get the close ups we crave. The wives are vocal in their demands - and their orgasms.


The cum flows freely, first inside, then back out again. Just like it's supposed to!

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