Bullied bi-cuckolds get a mouthful of semen


Are you a confirmed cuckold looking to expand your enjoyment? Look no further than the Bullied Bi Cuckold series of hardcore videos featuring hungry wives, hung bulls, and very humiliated husbands.


These limp noodles don't just sit around and watch while their wife or girlfriend sucks on someone's hard dick. They're brought straight into the action, where they are required to get the dude hard and ready for action. A lick here, a suck there, and then cuckboy must watch as the woman he loves gets plowed by another man's raging hard-on.


The semen is never wasted in this series of award-winning videos. The hapless cuckold is commanded to get down on hands and knees, and either suck the bull dry, or lick the already spent goo from his wife or girlfriends freshly fucked cunt. Cuckie may not like it at first, but surprise, surprise, surprise! He keeps coming back for more!

Bullied Bi Cuckolds 12

  • Running Time: 1 hour 27 minutes
  • Series: Bullied Bi Cuckolds
  • Studio: KickAss
  • Features: Reluctant cuckold, cocksucking husband, cum eating husband, bi-sex
  • Stars: Lily LaBeau, A.J. Estrada, Lily Carter


Like all of the titles in the series, Bullied Bi Cuckolds 12 contains three full scenes, showing a complete hotwife/bull/sissy encounter, start to goopy finish. The action is varied, with plenty of wall-to-wall sex. The cuckold must strip bare, where his little penis is out for the whole world to see -- and laugh at. The lady is in command here, forcing her boyfriend or husband to watch as she enjoys the power and vigor of another man.


Volume 12 begins with a husband who suspects his wife is cheating on him. When the PI delivers his report, the husband doesn't want to believe she's actually been faithful, and won't pay. You can just imagine how the private dick responds -- by taking out his own dick and planting it deep inside the loser's wife!


Soon, the husband is gazing between his wife's stretched-out legs as a stranger's cock pumps in and out of her. He has to watch as a long and fat dick strokes in and out of the vagina that was supposed to be meant just for him. After some very heavy fucking, the bull pulls out and spills a massive amount of cum all over her belly. The cuck is then forced to lick up every drop.


Scene two is no less penis-throbbing. A cutie blond wife sets up a date with her lover, who comes over just when the husband gets home. Fearing nothing, wife and bull start to make out, over the objection of the wimp spouse. The poor husband can't stop his wandering wife as she shows how she likes it.


Soon enough, wife is sucking off her beau, and at the moment he spurts, she pulls it from her mouth and lets the semen fly over her face, and all over her husband. With gobs of goo trickling down her chin, she aims the bull's dick into hubby's mouth, and he eagerly cleans off what remains.


In the third scene, a babe with adorable little tits explains that sex is no longer interesting, and she needs to spice it up by having a date with another man. After initial objections, her husband is turned on by the heat, and gets off watching her take another fellow's cock up her tight cunt. The husband plays with himself as his face is just inches away from his wife's filled vagina.


Wanting to taste her bull's seed, our happy girl sucks him off to completion, and takes ALL of the wet goodness into her open mouth. Wife then turns around, and feeds her husband a sour-tasting snowball! He pretends not to like it as he swallows absolutely everything. But his cock is still hard as a rock, and husband finishes the party by beating himself off on his wife's tender titties.

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