Does your itty-bitty penis satisfy her?

The real low-down about why ALL women prefer a man with a larger and thicker cock

Is your penis small? Ways to find out:


  • Measure it. When you're hard, stand up and use a ruler to measure it along the top. If it's less than 7" it's small. Yes, 6" is "average," but your wife isn't interested in average. She wants mind-blowing fucking.
  • Listen to your wife or girlfriend. She may not tell you outright that your pecker is too small, but she'll let you know in other ways. Like using a big rubber dildo when she masturbates, or joking about guys with large dicks, or watching videos of hung guys.


If you've got a small cock you aren't satisfying your lady as much as you could. Or should.


The anatomy of the human female accommodates a penis of most any size (within physical limits). But the larger the dick, the more her body responds.


Both psychologically, and physically.


To a woman's psyche, a large penis means power and verily. She can't help thousands of years of conditioning, where the big, brawny men were the ones who bought home dinner. A big, beefy cock means strength. She won't go hungry when partnered with the hung caveman!

Your little penis gets the job done, but...

For making babies, a little dick works as well as a big one. But there are other reasons for having sex - especially for girls, who like to feel a connection to the man they're fucking.




Your wife's pussy will feel a penis that's just a couple inches in length, and about as round as your finger. So what? She'll really dig one that's much bigger, because it will stretch the walls of the vagina and stroke against the part of her clitoris that's inside her body.


Her cunt will enlarge as she becomes sexually excited during intercourse. It will get wider and deeper, and a bigger cock will continue to rub all her internal parts.


She'll feel the tip of her lover's big penis against her cervix - even sense the hot cum when he shoots inside her. As long as her lover is not being a mindless jackhammer, this sensation can add immensely to her pleasure.


With a big cock in your ol' lady ...


  • Her legs will instinctively raise up and spread apart
  • She'll shift her hips downward so that she can get as much into her hole as possible
  • Her eyes will roll back in her head, and she'll feel sensation even in her back teeth!
  • Ths speech centers in her brain may not work right - just grunts, groans, and squeals.
  • Her cunny will produce large amounts of lubrication, maybe even squirting some out


As the fucking continues, the big cock will rub against her G-spot, which is located on the front of her vagina. Tissues in her vulva will contract with blood - a kind of hard-on for girls. Her pussy lips will tighten, literally grabbing onto the massive dick stroking in and out of her.


All this because his big dick fills her in ways your little penis cannot.

She doesn't have to accept small!

It's a rare woman that wouldn't like to be fucked by a bigger dick. Trust us on this one.


But unless you're already in a full-fledged cuckolding relationship with your wife, you can't expect her to be immediately honest about how a bigger cock feels in her.


How do you find out without calling in a bull to fuck your wife? Use a cock extender. Also called a cock sleeve, these fit onto your penis, and make your dick bigger.


There are several types, and you should try a couple of them to find the one just right for you.


One kind rolls or slips on. It fits over your already hard dick. You need a lasting erection to use it. Your penis must also be large enough to fill it.


Another kind is the strap-on extender. You wear it like a jockstrap. You don't need an erection, but if you have one, it'll fit inside.


With either, you have many choices for the rubber material. The so-called natural skin extenders feel the most like a real cock, but they can tear more easily. Be careful using them.


  • After you get the extender, try it on in private to get the hang of it.
  • When you're ready to use it with your wife, put it on during foreplay and surprise her. Be the bigger man she's always wanted!
  • Be sure she's adequately lubricated. Get some extra water-based lube if she needs it.
  • Go into her pussy gently. Her body is used to your small dick, and she needs to be stretched out a bit before she can fully appreciate the larger cock in her.
  • Stroke slowly at first, then build up. If it's very large - over 10" or so - don't bottom it out. Just put it in half-way. Let her enjoy the girth.


After 15-20 minutes of hardcore screwing, take off the extender and slip your own cock inside her stretched pussy. Pretty wide and sloppy, right? That's exactly how it feels when a real bull has just fucking her.


See our special page, Enlarge the Size Of Your Cock With a Penis Extender, for more on selecting and using a cock sleeve.

Cuckolding: It's about giving your wife a choice

The idea behind cuckolding is letting your wife or girlfriend choose what SHE wants. Just because you weren't endowed with horsecock doesn't mean she must go through life never experiencing the sensations a large penis will give her.


A penis extender will only go so far. She'll prefer the real thing anytime, especially for sucking.


Women don't really get off giving a blow job to some rubber phallus, even if you're wearing it. She wants to taste pre-cum. She wants to feel the veins throb in her mouth.


And most women love it when the cock they've been sucking explodes with hot jism - a sign they did a job well done!


Bulls for your wife should be bigger than you. They don't have to be HUGE, but even one inch bigger works wonders.


The first bulls my wife found were "average" - 6 inches, give or take. She was thrilled because that was bigger than what I was giving her. As time went by, she graduated to larger cocks. Her biggest was 11", and she admits it was a bit too large for her. She prefers 8-9". That size fills her sweet married cunt just right.

Make your cock bigger with a penis extender

So your cock isn't the most massive thing in the world. Make up for what nature didn't give you with penis extension.


How about the Vibrating Long Dong Penis Extender, with its realistic realskin shaft and pigmented head. It rolls over your own cock.


A clit bullet inserts at the base to drive her wild with "your" long thick vibrating cock! Washable. The bullet vibe comes with three mini batteries. Keep in mind you need an erection to use this puppy.


There are many types, styles, and sizes of cock extenders. Try a few to see which ones you and your gal like the most. You might prefer the 8.5" Strapless Penis Extension. You don't need an erection and its is sure to pleasure most any girl that wants to experience a bigger piece of meat.


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How to make your small dick more useful!

Don't think that just because your wife now has a lover with a big cock nothing's left for you.


  • Encourage her to degrade your tiny dick. Small penis humiliation is a form of femdom. Some people like to be tied up and have hot wax poured over their privates. During sex you like to have your manhood ridiculed. Believe me, it can be very arousing!
  • Help her have sex with her hung bull. That means anything from prepping her by helping her get ready for her date (including painting her toenails, if that's what she wants), to guiding her bull's rock-hard penis straight into her vagina. You might just cum right then and there!
  • Fuck her afterwards. The feel of a just-fucked pussy is out of this world! It's soft, creamy, and cavernous. Sloppy-seconds after your wife has just had a bigger man is indescribably hot-hot-hot!
  • Stick your small dick in her ass. Or have her suck you off while she's impaled by her big-dick lover. Or try some double-penetration. Endless possibilities!
  • Use your tongue and fingers. You may have a small little pee pee, but your fingers and tongue still function, right? Kneel down in front of her naked body and lick her pink clit until she has an orgasm. Masturbate and cum on her feet. Talk about an incredible turn-on!


So there you have it. Just because your penis is the size of a baby carrot doesn't mean your wife has to suffer. She deserves to be ravished by a man with a man-sized cock. Though she may not always say it, she'll be grateful to you for the pleasure the cuckold lifestyle brings.