Video shot by daughter shows wife fucking another man

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By that time Cynthia hard turned off the shower, and I had to hurridly put the camcorder away. I put the tape back into her purse, and snuck into bed. The vision of what I just saw made me so dizzy I fell while getting into bed. I watched Cynthia toweling off, still nude, and could only envision her vagina as another man's white river of thick semen gushed from it.


I couldn't perform that night, and I could tell Cynthia was disgusted with me. I wanted badly to get my own cock in her, but it just wouldn't respond. I think I was still in a state of shock. Finally, I apologized and said I had had a hard day. We both rolled over and she was out in minutes. I was wide awake and unlikely to ever sleep that night.



At 2am I snuck out out of bed and retrieved the tape. I took the camcorder into the study, where I locked the door just in case. My hands were shaking so bad that I fumbled as I hooked the camcorder to the computer, so I could view the action on a bigger screen.


I watched the tape from the beginning, where my wife and Jon entered what looked like some motel room. They giggled as they entered, with Jon fondling Cynthia's breasts. Despite having what I'm sure was several stiff drinks, my wife was still a bit shy. But that pretense soon disappeared as she and Jon settled on the bed, groping each other.


After about 10 minutes of foreplay, Jon moved to strip my wife from all her clothes. He then took off his pants, revealing a very hefty cock, hanging out from the opening in his briefs. My daughter Sarah made a wolf-call whistle, and then told Cynthia, "Go for it, mom!"


I just could not believe what I was hearing!


Within five minutes Jon had my wife flat on the bed. He positioned his muscular body over hers, and then quickly slipped his penis into her. I could hear a "pussy fart" noise as it pushed in all the way in to the hilt.


I watched Jon as he fucked my wife of 24 years, first in the pussy, then in the mouth, and one more time in the pussy, this time doggy style. Throughout this, Sarah pointed the camera around the two lovers, taking in every inch of skin. I guessed she had done this sort of thing before, maybe with her other lovers. She certainly knew how to operate that camcorder.


After a few minutes of some serious bed-pounding fucking, Jon unloaded inside my wife, who was by then having one orgasm after another (she's never come when I've had sex with her). After emptying his balls completely, he pushed her ass down to the bed, and Sarah moved in for a closeup of the first creampie of the evening.


The video went blank for a few seconds, then came back on. It was a little later in the evening, and this time it was Cynthia holding the camera, and Sarah french kissing Jon. The camera work was much more jittery as Cynthia panned down to catch Jon's hands grabbing at my daughter's crotch, then back up for more of their passionate kissing.


Sarah led Jon to the other bed, and took off her slacks. She was not wearing anything underneath, and I felt a tremendous lump in my throat at the first sight of seeing her naked. But just as her mom had, Sarah opened her legs for Jon, who planted his cock deep inside her very fertile and very married pussy.


He took her missionary, and finished by pulling out and cumming on her belly. The pearly white cum seeped into Sarah's navel, where she keeps a jewel stud. My wife set the camera down and cleaned off the cum that remained at the tip of his penis.


The camera went blank once again, and after a few seconds of static, came back once more. The action was already underway, as my wife was sucking on Jon's long pole. The camera came in close, and I could see my wife's saliva dripping down the entire length of what looked like a 9 or 10 inch cock.


The lens then turned around, and caught the three of them in a mirror. Jon and my wife were on the bed, and Sarah was standing, totally nude, fingering herself as she held the camcorder.



This scene went on for at least 20 minutes, in every sex position imaginable, and some I had never even thought of! Toward the end my wife complained about getting sore, so Jon flipped her onto her back, spread her legs high and wide open, then firmly planted his throbbing penis into her for the finale.


With the sex over, Sarah put the camera on the dresser and joined the two spent lovers on the bed. The camera was pointed at all three as they blew a kiss.


All this was a couple of weeks ago. Sarah's husband is now back in town, and I'm not sure if she and my wife have made it a foursome with this stud Jon. All I know is that I've found where my wife has stashed her fuck tape, and I watch it every fucking chance I get.