Daughter convinces mom to have affairs

He finds out his wife is sleeping with other men - and it was his daughter that talked her into it!

My 21 year old daughter has what they call an "open relationship" with her husband.


That means she can sleep around with other men, and no one gets mad. I was upset when I first heard about it, but I've learned to cope with it. My son-in-law is in the military, an he's out of town for long periods of time. She's always been a very physical person, and needs regular sex, even if it's not with the person she's married to.


It turns out that my daughter, who I'll call Sarah, has talked my wife into having flings when I'm out of town on business.


I literally caught my wife with her panties down when I came home a little early from a trip, and found her and a boyfriend on the couch. He had his hands under her skirt, and was finger fucking her.


I was so shocked that I pretended not to notice as I fumbled at the entry way to our house. My wife, who's name is Cynthia, quickly pulled her panties back up, and straightened her clothes. She introduced me to her friend, who was a co-worker named Jon. He still had a hard-on, and was trying all he could to hide it.


After the pleasantries Jon excused himself to go home, and Cynthia and I were left alone. We chatted briefly, and then both headed toward the bedroom to call it a night. I'm usually able to fall asleep quickly, but that night my heart was racing. I pretended to be out, breathing heavily and making snoring sounds.


Within minutes I felt the bed shaking, and realized Cynthia was masturbating! I was sure she was thinking of Jon as she furiously rubbed at her pussy and clit. This went on for a good 10 minutes, as I felt her open and close her legs. She had several orgasms, far more than usual. On the last one I heard her gasp as she melted into the sheets, and finally fell asleep.


The next day after Cynthia left for work I rifled through the home computer and found all kinds of email messages between my wife and Jon. Apparently they had seen each other a couple of times, and had sex at least once. She talked about how much a better lover he was than me, and how "Sarah was right," and that "it would be the greatest fuck I'd ever have."


I went into the bedroom and checked Cynthia's night stand for her diaphram case. The case was there, but when I opened it, there was no diaphram inside. She had already put it in, and was planning on having Jon's cock spurting its juice inside her that day.


I had to go to work, but I couldn't stop thinking about my wife and her lover. And I couldn't believe that my own dick grew super hard each time I thought of it! I pictured this massive cock thrusting in and out of her, squirting a pint of cum deep into her velvet-lined pussy.


Finally, I had to go to the bathroom, where I locked myself in a stall, and beat off in record time. Semen spewed everywhere, and it took me several minutes just to clean it all up!


About a week later Cynthia and Sarah announced they were going shopping for the evening, then would take in a show. I stayed home, thinking again about my wife with another man. I must have jerked off four times, and was surprised that I could stay hard between each one.


Toward midnight, Sarah dropped my wife off then drove home. As Cynthia came into the room I could immediately smell the scent of sex. I kissed her hello on the cheek, and got a strong whiff of another man on her skin. I could even see some dried bits of cum in her hair.


I really wanted her, and as I poured her a drink I made suggestions that we hit the sack right then. She said she was tired, but if I really wanted to she insisted on taking a shower first. I was sure that was so I couldn't detect the creampie that she came home with.


While I getting ready for bed, and Cynthia was washing away the evidence, I noticed a DV camcorder tape in her purse. My wife isn't at all video saavy, so finding the tape in her handbag got my immediate attention.


I got our camcorder from the closet and put the tape in. I rewound it just a bit, then watched the picture through the viewfinder. There, on tape, was the ending scene of my wife fucking Jon. He had just finishing cumming inside her, and her shapely legs and bare feet were wrapped completely around him.


The camera zoomed in as Jon pulled out his half-erect but still immense cock. His cum poured out of her pussy, and pooled up around the crack of her ass. The camcorder continued to zoom in closer, and caught the jizz as it bubbled out.


It was then that I heard the voice of Sarah, my daughter, congratulating my wife on a "terrific fucking." Sarah was operating the camera, recording the sexual antics of her own mom.


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